Secure or hide scripts in an xcode application.

I am quite new to xcode applications, but have a little experience with applescript applications.

With applescript as you will all be aware you can create a run only application, end users cant easily decipher your code (passwords and usernames etc).

I am creating a xcode project using applescript, I am running several commands as “do shell script” with admin usernames and passwords. Obviously I dont want this to become common knowledge to the end users.

I have tried all sorts of solution, changing advanced ACL properties on the scripts folder within the “Show Package Folder”, creating a plist for the information and storing that is a secure area, but all to no avail.

Does anyone have any suggestions before I go down the route of encryption and possibly doubling the code I have already written!!

Many thanks in advance.



look at this (post #12) , I use it myself in one of my apps

Thanks for the quick response!!

That looks a really good solution. So you recon the only option is to encrypt the password.

Seems crazy when this was built into applescript!

Thanks again.

Blowfish is at least quite simple and very secure, regardless of the programming language.
I’m using an adapted version in OBjC, too