Security and remembering what to do

Searching lead me here, but I’m an old user of AppleScript and I forget all the time. I haven’t read the qualifying statements about the forum lately, so is there anywhere we talk about the latest system in terms of macOS and System Settings rather than Mac OS X? Is there a construct that I can include that will always cause the System Settings>Privacy & Security>Accessibility to be launched so I won’t have to remember how to find it? Am I limited to putting the text “System Settings>Privacy & Security>Accessibility” into an error message also triggered when the “Edit or OK” choice is presented? In other words, where can I find the AppleScripting solution for jogging my memory about what to do to enable the required authority for a script that I want to use frequently? Thanks.

Hi llee.

This is the indeed right place for discussing AppleScript and System Settings.

I’m not sure exactly what you need, but System Settings’s “Accessibility” settings can be opened with this:

tell application "System Settings"
	reveal anchor "Privacy_Accessibility" of pane "Privacy & Security"
end tell

The beautiful thing about AppleScript is:

User click manually to the view of system settings we like AppleScript to open.
Now we run this script to collect information How we could build the AppleScript

tell application "System Settings"
	set currentPaneID to current pane
end tell

tell application "System Settings"
	set currentPaneIDAnchors to anchors of currentPaneID
end tell

return {curentPaneID:currentPaneID, currentPaneIDAnchors:currentPaneIDAnchors}

-- When you have pane id and anchor

tell application "System Settings"
	reveal anchor "Privacy_Accessibility" of pane id ""
end tell
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Thank you, Fredrik71

Thank you, Nigel, and also to Fredrik71.