security through obscurity (encode the source)


I know it’s not entirely possible to encode the source code so that nobody can read it.
even binarycode can be read with an deassambler.
but when i check the build of an ASOC app, I can see the whole source code in plain text.
This scares me a little bit.

Is there any way to obfuscate the source?

As said, I don’t need it to be perfectly secure, but secure enough that an user can’t read the code and knows what it does.

I was thinking about a wrapper that encrypts the source code with a password and then loads the script, but I’m not smart enough to know how to do this :slight_smile:

You need to change the project’s build settings. Choose Project → Edit Project Settings, then click on the Build tab in the resulting window. Choose Release on the configuration menu. Then scroll right to the bottom for the OSA Compile - Build Options, and click the checkbox next to Save As Execute Only.

This really should be the default for release builds…

Oh okay, so far I only tested it with debug-apps.
but thanks :slight_smile:
I thought the debug/release weren’t that different from each other

The only difference is that the Release has had its debug markers stripped

It worked.
Even though strings are still visible, that’s perfectly fine.
I’ll make a function to encode some strings on the fly, so that I can save some important strings and URLs encoded.

And yeah, the run-only really should be default :slight_smile: