Seek Palm Desktop Date Book, Note export scripts

I would really like to be able to export my Palm Desktop Date Book entries and associated Memo Pad notes, in chronological order, for a range of dates. Example: from a week at WWDC, I have some 50 calendar events, most with notes. For easy viewing (and possible webpage/blog creation), I’d like to package the week’s calendar and notes into one (text, HTML or XML) file.

Related script need: export all dates/text for Date Book or Memo Pad note results of keyword search, e.g. export all Date Book events, and associated note text, or Memo Pad notes containing “AppleScript”.


I’m not sure if Palm Desktop is scriptable. Is it? I remeber years ago, they made some attempts, but it never worked right. (It had “Issues”)

You could switch to apple address/date book, which syncs to palm, or MS Entorage. That’s what I did. There are lots of scripts available for those options.