Seeking Entourage Scripts

I’m not a developer. I’m just a guy looking for a hand. I guess in some sense of the word, some might call me a “customer.” :slight_smile: Pathetic, defenseless, & feeble? yes. Desperately seeking help? True again.

I’m looking for some Entourage scripts that’ll do several things;

  1. Move an Entourage message to the tasks list and automatically choose the “@waiting for” category I created.
  2. For newly composed email, a “button” that let’s me “send & delegate” which automatically creates an “@waiting for” category task
  3. Better “views” (printable) in the Tasks. I’m having all kinds of trouble here. I write rules that don’t seem to work. . . I’m using the f’ing wizard. Things like "include only category “@Calls” include everything. I’m inclined to think that so few people even use the task lists that Microsoft Mac devlopers think no one cares (of course, they’ve kinda got a tough lot as it is I suppose.)
  4. Can I put a button on my tool bar that says “file” where it shoves an particular email into a pre-determined “archive” folder.

Can you turn a script into a “button” on the toolbar? Do I have to learn resEdit or something crazy to do it?

I’ve been using a mac for years. I’ve sold all manner of high computing gear including Sun, EMC, IBM etc to some of the biggest F500 companies in the US. AND I’ve done all of this on a Mac . . . until about a year ago. I was forced to use a Windows machine professionally for the first time. I hated the F’ing thing! But . .

I found an Outlook Add-in based on the Getting Things Done book by David Allen. Literally, the best $70 I’ve spent on technology in the last 20 years. This thing rocks! Problem is it only runs on Windows.
Here’s the site:

I got some buddies at Microsoft to get me Virtual PC, XP, and the whole office suite so I could do my email with Outlook in VirtualPC. Slowish but works ok. Randomly or consequently yahoo! decided I was a spammer and shut down about 1/3 of my out bound email. (and I’m sending out a few resume’s these days.)

So, I’m back to trying to make this work with Entourage. I’m kinda close. Paul Berkowitz has a script that turns an email into a task (which is about 80% of where I’m headed.)

I’ll appreciate any help, thoughts, suggestions, ideas, etc.