Seeking guidance on scripting fill in of .pdf files

My apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere, I searched the entire index and I could not located the answer to my question

I am realtively new at scripting and I am looking to script the filling in of multiple pdf forms.
these are my own forms so I can set the properties on the form fields.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as where to start or learn nore on how to do this.

I have multiple forms that repeat many off the same fields within the forms themselves and across the entire set.

My goals are:

-Complete fields based on answers to user prompt questions.

-automate the filling in of some fields as the are relative to others that would be determined by user input (i.e I know Customer y lives at x address and has n contact information.

-extract relative data from a source (preferably filemaker pro 10 for mac)

-parse data completed in form back to database of customer details etc. for those fields that are blank in database

-lastly and least pressing provide a way for form to be accessible to customers over the internet

As a side note there are certain fields i.e. Street names that will always be the same for me (I am a real estate Broker in Boston) Any suggestions on where to get or parse a list of all street names in Boston to ensure data correct.

I have called map makers, various city departments etc and it seems that no one from the government at least is able to provide a comprehensive list of every street name in Boston. Other issue i foresee is that the dataset for street names is very large and I am concerned about bogging everything down.

THank you in advance and much thanks to those who so graciously and speedily showed me the way to fix my last issue


If I were you I’d contact the CS-Department of some local University and get a student who have had a course in Database design help you with this. Maybe there is a fora there for posting projects. You really need a data model as a start, to get an overview of your problem.

You have a rather large problem.

Best Regards


Hi there,

You’ll probably find Acrobat Javascript useful for some of the PDF form automation.