Seeking script :alter Explorer5.1 Downl. Manager as follows:

:!: I cant get my Explorer 5.1 to limit the number of downloads to one at a time when
there are multiple URL’s in the queque. The preferences give the option of “limit number of simultaneous downloads”…I set that to one. The option of “limiting number of connections to”… also set that to one. This script would::
allow multiple url’s to be loaded into the download manager, and then retrieve them in a sequential order, one at a time

:arrow: I’m posting this just in case anyone had this problem… The download manager will load items in the download window and get them one at a time if:
a. The number of simultaneous downloads is set to “1” in the preferences
b. The link is chosen in the contextual items menu (click and hold on the link will bring this menu up) by choosing “download to disk” < This solved my problem.
*If you quick click on the link it will go to the download window, but will not be scheduled to load in sequence. It will load simultaneously with all other downloads, slowing your download speed to a small trickle.