Selct text box

Hi All,

I have developed a program for take copy and paste content of a text box to another file.

tell application "QuarkXpress"
	set the_File to choose file with prompt "Please choose \ "Quark\" File" of type {"XDOC"}
	open the_File
	set the_txtbx to text box 1
	select the_txtbx
	copy content of the_txtbx
	set temp_file to make new document at desktop with properties {automatic text box:true, name:"Temp.qxd"}
	activate temp_file
	select text box 1
end tell

But it shows the error in the Copy syntax.


I dont have Quark at home, so I can’t look at the dictionary and work up the code. What you need to do is select the text, using the content tool, and copy that to the clipboard then paste the clipboard into the story of the text box in the new document. If I recall correctly setting the tool mode to the proper mode is esential to make sure that you are targeting the story to copy from and paste into the story of the text box instead of targeting the text box.

You can lookup dictionaries here.