select "iTunes" browser window in iTunes

How do I get iTunes to bring the main “browser window” to the front?

I’ve tried all the following:

tell application "iTunes"
	open window "iTunes"
	select browser window
	tell window named "iTunes" to set frontmost to true
	tell browser window to set frontmost to true
end tell

Nothing seems to work! Should be really simple, no?

This is iTunes 6.0.

This should reveal the window:

tell application "iTunes"
	tell browser window 1 to set visible to true
end tell

FYI, the open command is for open files (etc.), not windows or other UI elements. Also, iTunes does not have a select command, and windows do not have a “frontmost” property (that’s for applications).

Thanks! That definitely did the trick.

I could tell iTunes didn’t accept select, open, or frontmost actions or settings on its windows and playlists, but it wasn’t immediately obvious to me what would work.

Ah, the vagaries of Applescript.