Select Modem?

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is it possible to select a modem in the internet connections - or is it possible
to attach a modem to a configuration?

tell application "Internet Connect"
  set configName to "huawei Mobile" //the Modem should be attached to this configName
  connect PPP configuration 1 to telephone number "business.gprsinternet"
end Tell

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Presuming that you want to use the modem as your primary internet connection, this is best done with a “Location” set up in the Network preference panel in the Network Port Configuration pane. I’ve never scripted that, but it may be possible.



I wrote already a few days ago:

unfortunately neiter you can’t manipulate the Configuration pop up menu with UI scripting
nor there is a modem property in the dictionary of Internet Connect.

Hi Stefan,

currently I am trying to solve this issue by implementing objectiv-c - may this
works better…