selecting and copying the last line of text, every time it changes.

i am trying to use Zoom to connect to Arduino through scripting.

the idea is that when someone types a certain character (let’s say “p” and “keystroke return”) my applescript will give a serial message to Arduino.

i have been able to make Zoom to open the chat window with script. it takes hours when you just start scripting :smiley:

the zoom chat allows you to select text and copy it manually so i think it should be possible. but i can’t seem to find any example code on how to select text automatically. and it should always check the last line and start over when that last line changes so every time the Arduino gets a new input.

the search function gives me loads of threads on the Applescript-Arduino connection so i guess i’ll be able to figure that out. it’s just the part with Zoom that gets me stuck.