Selecting printer trays

(OS X 3.6) I want to print a PostScript file dropped on my droplet to a particular printer tray on our HP LaserJet 5000 according to certain variable conditions. With Desktop Printer Manager under OS 9 I think that I recall that I was able to scriptically reassign PPDs or something like that, but whatever that long-ago approach was apparently it’s not available now.

I believe some lpr versions offer the -Z switch for this but not OS X’s. Is there an lpoptions command that might do this that I can’t find, or should I just create PPDs each with a different default option and bounce among them and, if so, how is that now accomplished in OS X?

Thanks very much…


Not sure if they are scriptable but you may try creating “presets” then outputting to those through applescript

not sure if i am helping any

Thanks Joe - I’ll look into that first thing tomorrow (off today, hopefully letting those demanding this script vent some steam first) - I’m not familiar with presets but it’s worth a try…

  • Dan