selecting range of cells in Excel

I am trying to select and save as a variable a range of cells in Excel where the column and row numbers are defined by variables. I found Microsoft’s Excel command reference for use with applescript, but it speaks nothing of what I need to do. It says you specify a range by Range"A1:A20" for example which does not allow me to use variables to represent the row/column designations. I am able to use a command like cell 6 of column 1 for individual cells, but trying to make it work for a range I have been unsuccesful. I am able to select an entire column using column 1, but that is taking to long and it is not necessary.
The closest I thought I got was with a command like this:

set x_colm to 1
set x_values to the value of cell 2 of columns x_colm through cell 80 of column x_colm of active sheet as list

Here I tried to use applescript’s through command, but this only takes the first value of the column.
Any ideas?