Selecting text in Word 2004

I’m having difficulties with Word 2004 under OS X 10.3.9. I have this script fragment, which is to concatenate the text from a list (here called alias_list) of Word documents into a single new document.

tell application "Microsoft Word"
	set new_doc to (make new document)
	repeat with this_doc in alias_list
		open {this_doc}
		select text of front document
		close front document saving no
		select insertion point at end of front document 
	end repeat
end tell

I lifted this from another script posted earlier on this site. I have (at least) 3 problems here, in what would seem to be blindingly simple code.

  1. This version won’t compile unless I turn off the “select insertion point . . .” line.
  2. The line ‘copy’ converts to «event misccopy» upon compilation
  3. The ‘select text’ line yields an error “Microsoft Word got an error: every text of document 1 doesn’t understand the select message.”

Can anyone help me in doing this simple task?

OK, I’m almost there. I need to preface each inserted piece of text with the filename from which it came, plus a couple returns before and after.

I tried this:

tell application “Microsoft Word”
set new_doc to (make new document)
repeat with this_doc in alias_list
open this_doc with read only
copy object text object of front document
close front document
set insert_city to return & return & this_doc & return & return
set endrange to result of (move range (last character of active document) by 1)
insert text insert_city at endrange – range is required here, apparently
paste object selection
end repeat
end tell

I get “Microsoft Word got an error: Can’t continue insert.”