Selecting the options of alerts and dialogs in Indesign

I am new to applescript… I am facing a problem while opening a indesign file from my code it gives two panels one is Missing Font and other for “fixing link automatically” .
I need to select “find fonts” and “fixing link automatically” from my code . How can i do this… Anyone can guide me regarding this.

Thank you

ANy suggestions???
i have the fonts and links in separate folders how can i embed this into indesign automatically using applescript?

I suggest not attempting interactions with the dialog; a preferable method is to simply ignore it. A previous post on the subject can be found here:

Regarding your font issue, InDesign doesn’t have native font activation, and you are unlikely to obtain any significantly helpful reference from the document that would allow you to load fonts from your folder. At best, you can swap one active font for another.

Since you are a newbie, I’d encourage you to read Adobe’s Scripting Guide for InDesign. as it provides further discussion and examples of how to deal with the various elements of scripting the program.