Selection from PDF gives …. …. …. .. ….

I get . … … . . . … . … from some PDF documents when I copy a selection of it to the clipboard, the PDF’s shouldn’t be protected in anyway really.

So I wonder, what is wrong with the PDF documents, and how do I circumvent it, if I can?


The PDF is probably password protected. If you don’t have the password, you can’t copy from it.


Well, it is one from ADC (Apple Developer Connection), most of those, I can copy text or code from, but sometimes that doesn’t work, so therefore I wondered if there is any way to fix ths.

So, I don’t think password protection is the issue here.


I figured it out, or a way to circumvent it! When opening from the Xcode documentation window, after downloading from ADC, I choose open in Browser instead of Preview, and saving from there, that worked, now I can still copy from that particular document.

Maybe my Preview is getting outdated. :slight_smile:

Have you added any annotations to the document? Just curious.

Nope, nothing. Not a book mark!

I have the Docsets installed in XCode, but sometimes it runs over to ADC when I want PDF documents, and if then opens them i Preview and saves them, then I get … . . . when I paste the contents from the clipboard.

Opening them and saving them from Safari however, works. :slight_smile: