send AppleScript commands to FileMaker Pro on remote system

I am writing a script to tell a remote machine running FileMaker Pro to run a FileMaker script.

set remMachine to "eppc://" & userName & ":" & pasword & "@" & ipNumber
tell application "FileMaker Pro" --of machine remMachine
	do script FileMaker script "Some-Script"
end tell

Note that of machine remMachine is commented out. If I uncomment out that part of the command I get an error when I try to compile the script…

Sytax Error: Expected end of line but found “script”.

How do I make this script work? Thank you.

I don’t have a handy way to help, but you might want to check if it’s even possible. I discovered recently that remote-hosted databases do not respond the same way to AppleScript as they do locally:

In the above link, I found that FileMaker databases hosted remotely can not even provide basics like record properties. :frowning:

So it’s possible a local AppleScript won’t be able to “see” any scripts in a remote-hosted database.

If that’s the case, you’d have to make a local-hosted database that could initiate the remote script via FileMaker’s own ScriptMaker language (which seems to work fine on remote-hosted databases).