Send dialog to a user in network??? Possible?

Hi folks,

Is it possible to get username of the person who dropps into a scripted folder at a server?
The problem I have, is that I have a folder action script at our server, but I need to make some
additions to that script. To make this work properly I need to use dialogs to send the files to correct folder,
but the dialogs appear at server, not the user.

So, is it possible to send a dialog to a user in the network from server?

Thanks and take care, friends.


Not that I know of - and realistically - you wouldn’t want to do this anyway. I think you are better off thinking about your problem differently - like - why not create an app to run on the user machines - that makes decisions on where a file should go based on their input? Maybe someone else has a better idea.

Just a thought,

If you do go for the “client-side” app, you might find it helpful to store a prefs file on the server, and have the client app read this file for configuration specs (file paths, etc.) This will save you tons of time configuring each machine, and if anything changes down the road you’ll only have to change properties in one place.


OK. Thanks mates. The solution with a pref.file is not too bad. Must think about that or just make a small script on each workstation (we need this script upon less than ten "mac"hines) which moves the selected files to the “watched folder” at server.
I guess that is the easiest way to solv it.

Thanks friends for your time.

Marry Christmas and a Happy new year to you all.