Send Email To Multiple Groups, Sequentially

I manage the contact information for a list of 1,088 members (and, growing). From time to time, I send information and a roster, to my former colleagues. All of their contacts reside in one group (XXX Group). I have created eleven additional groups:

XXX Group - 1
XXX Group - 2
XXX Group - 10
XXX Group - 11

Each of these eleven groups contain 99 contacts, so as to not exceed the ISP limitation of 100 contacts per email. It is cumbersome to send the same email message (and, attached roster) to each of these eleven groups. I would like to use an AppleScript that would send my message and attachment, to each of the eleven groups, in one single action.

As the master list of this group, grows, I must adjust the allocation of contacts from each of the eleven groups. Soon, I will need to add a twelfth group, then, a thirteenth group, and then, more groups. I would prefer an AppleScript that would examine the list of contacts in the main group (XXX Group), and then, send my desired email message (with narrative and attachment) to the first 100 contacts, then, another email to the next 100 contacts, and, so on, to everyone in the group. This would be a more elegant solution, than, to manage and adjust each of the additional groups, continuously.

Thank you.

Hey Kurt,

I imagine something like this might work:

tell application "Contacts"
	tell group "Business"
		tell every person
			set emailAddressList to emails whose label is "work"
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

set subLists to {}

set listLen to length of emailAddressList
repeat with i from 1 to listLen by 99
	if i ≤ listLen - 98 then
		set end of subLists to items i thru (i + 98) of emailAddressList
	else if i ≤ listLen then
		set end of subLists to items i thru -1 of emailAddressList
	end if
end repeat


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