sending a mail with attachment

i need to send often a simple email-text body with some attachments using bash. Using Mail takes too long!! it doesn’t make sense anymore for me using Mail.

i googled around but i’m still without some solutions. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Google around for “python email with attachment”. Code for that is out there. Then you just make the python script into an executable file that you can run from the command line. Obviously you can run that and pass it your variables from an applescript (with do shell script). I have an example python email script here, but that code doesn’t allow attachments… so just find one through google and use mine as an example. It shouldn’t be too hard to make.

Hi Hank,
always so kind. I got it!

For my own purposes, I wrote some Python mail script including attachments and wrapped it in an AppleScript. If you want to give it a try, I posted it on