Sending command to

Hey programming gurus
I would like to get an apple script to launch “Terminal” (application in Mac OS X) and connecting to a remote host using command “telnet” with a particular window size. I am no knowledge of of apple script but from other postings I have put together the following script which I saved as an application “myhost”:

tell application "Terminal"
do script with command "telnet"
end tell
quit application "myhost"

This does what I want it to do i.e. when I double click “myhost”, it lanches Terminal and automatically connects to taking me to login prompt. Only problem is that the window it lanches is very small. I would like it to open a window of size 80 X 46. I have set the default window size in Terminal to be 80 X 46, but still the window opened by the script is very small. I would appreciate any suggestions to overcome this problem.
Thanks a lot.