Sending complex HTML without = and =3D garbage

I have an AppleScript running out of FileMaker that sends an HTML email via Entourage.

My test emails I receive in both and Entourage have =3D throughout the source HTML wherever there should have been a = and lines all end with an = character, breaking image URLs in the message.

Is there anything I can do about this or is Entourage doing this “for me”?

My AppleScript, which is actually Calculated AppleScript in FileMaker Pro looks like this…

"set orderNum to \"" & LineItems::ORDER_NUMBER & "\"¶
set shippingEmail to \"" & LineItems::SHIP_EMAIL & "\"¶
set ccEmail to \"" & LineItems::c_EmailCC & "\"¶
set theSubject to \"Your order [\" & orderNum & \"]\"¶
set theSource to \"" & LineItems::g_HTMLemailBody & "\"¶
tell application \"Microsoft Entourage\"¶
	set htmlOrderMessage to make new outgoing message at outbox folder with properties {to recipients:shippingEmail, CC recipients:ccEmail, subject:theSubject, content:theSource, has html:true}¶
	send htmlOrderMessage¶
end tell"

It most likely has to do with the encoding“




I don’t know much about html, but the 3d is ascii character 61 or the “=” character. It’s probably changing the “=” to 3d because the “=” is reserved.