Sending Hyperlink IM through Applescript

This is a combination Applescript and Cocoa question. I am creating on the fly Applescripts from within a Cocoa applications, and sending them to various programs. Most of the scripts are use to send Instant Messages to iChat, AIM, etc. The program works fine using normal scripting commands to send straight text. However, I also want to send hyperlinked text (ie. text with imbedded URLs). How can you do this from within an Applescript? Applescript seems to always assume the string data is straight Text. There seems to be no way to show it a Rich Text or HTML (the applications can handle this data if you copy/paste it from clipboard). Has anyone done this or have source code? It would be nice to able to send this strictly from script (ex using Script Editor), but if I have to parse an AEObject, I would be willing to do that. The killer is that I think I created similar code to do this last year, but lost it in a disk crash .

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Steve Sheets