Sending/Receiving serial ASCII via USB

Is there a way to send and receive straight-forward ASCII via one of the USB ports on an OS X Mac (a G5)? I’m trying to “speak” to a very old box with an RS232 interface. I used to do that back in SE/30 days via its printer port, and I’d like to lash that together again for an experiment. The language was similar to “modem speak” and I can construct/interpret in an AppleScript if I can get a script to send/receive data from a USB port.

I too need to do this.

I posted this question a while back asking almost the same question. The only response I received was to try a software tool called SerialBridge. It is a very awkward piece of software with absolutely no documentation.
$24.95 (30 day free trial)

While searching for the pinouts for the Keyspan serial adapter, I found a site where Cory Forsyth modified a C program for an invention he created. The code was originally written by Keyspan and it would transmit and receive data from a Keyspan USB serial adapter to control his invention. His current creation uses BlueTooth instead of the Keyspan product and I can’t find the original website where I found the modified code.
I still have the files from the site if you’re interested.

Here is where the original Keyspan code can be found:

If you find something useful and easy to use, please let me know.

I do know that Perceptive Automation (Indigo) has a bunch of scripts in ScriptBuilders under home automation. When I return from a trip in about ten days, I’ll pursue that - it may be adaptable.

Thanks very much for the leads - I’ll post back or send you a pm if I find out more on my return.

I am looking for something to control some cameras with an RS232 interface.
Is there something out there?

Dee Dee