Sending Remote Apple Event to click mouse

I have a remote machine running Pro Tools which has a number of functions that are neither Applescriptable nor have key commands. I am trying to send a click { x , y } command from System events but it keeps kicking back errors or trying to click on the local machine.

set remoteMachine to "eppc://"

tell application "Pro Tools" of machine remoteMachine to activate

tell application "System Events" of machine remoteMachine to click at {1855,345}

I get the error “System Events got an error: Application isn’t running.”



it’s not possible to launch applications on remote machines directly.
You have to tell the Finder of the remote machine to open the application via the bundle identifier
I don’t know the process name and bundle identifier of ProTools, this is an example for iPhoto

tell application "Finder" of machine remoteMachine
	using terms from application "Finder"
		if "iPhoto" is not in (get name of processes) then open application file id ""
	end using terms from
end tell

It is the “System Events” that is giving back the error. I get Protools to open just fine. If I remove the line with Protools I still get the same error and I don’t get a click.

I had found a similar post for opening apps remotely. I am not too worried about that part, I will just assume Protools is already running.