Whats the best way to send a text file from one comp to another?
i was thinking email but i wasnt sure how to set up a script to mail the file
help please

I guess it depends on whether the computers are on a LAN or a WAN, e.g., local network or over the Internet.

Over the internet

Are they both OS X? If so, and you have Remote Login turned on in Sharing System Pref pane, I was going to say you can use the Terminal and the command ‘scp’, but it is hard to send the password needed.

You could use AppleShare and mount the volume, copy the file(s) and dismount, if it needs to run automatically.

If interactivity is OK, then you can use ‘scp’ in the Terminal.

thanx, and what u mean by interactivity? as in user inupt?

Exactly - as in, a user will be sitting there, able to type in the password for the remote machine. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing this is not the case?