Sequential Numbering in Illustrator

Here’s the situation.

I have a layout with multiple layers. In one layer, there is only one text frame with a four digit number that I need to alter.

  1. How do I determine what the “name” or number of the text frame is? Or how do I name the text frame that I want to edit?

I ask this because I have been unsuccesful in instructing illutrator to change the text within the text frame.


As a one liner:

tell application "Illustrator CS" to set contents of every text frame of layer "LayerContainingTheTypeToChange" of document 1 to "5678"

If you did want to name this block, you can open the Layers palette and open the disclosure triangle next to the layer with the text. Then double click on the name of the text frame (which should be the contents of the text frame) and rename it from the following dialog.

Hope this gets you started.

Jim Neumann

Thanks! I haven’t scripted within Illustrator at all.