Serious Problem...Please Help...

I was working on a script when all of a sudden the dreaded beach ball appeared and has essentially hung and taken over my MBA.

I cannot stop the process…I have tried force quit…I have tried shutting down and restarting my MBA…I have tried renaming the file…the problem is that each and every time I re-open script editor the “troubled script” opens and the beachball spins noting that script editor is using 100% of my CPU per activity monitor.

How can I stop this so that I can get back to using script editor.


Does the script involve a “do shell script” or does it have an infinite loop?


You could see if you have an unsaved version in ~/Library/Autosave Information.
If you do then this maybe what is opening. Removing it from the should stop it opening.

Problem solved…I deleted the file so that it could no longer be loaded, not a fun time…thanks for all the help…