server logon with no password

I would like to automate my server logon but am stuck, as it’s not set up with a password. This is what I am using how do I get around not having a password so this will log on automatically. Any help is appreciated!

mount volume "smb://username@IPaddress/shared volume"

I can’t test this, but can’t you just specify the password as “”

That was my first thought but it returns an error.

Expected end of line etc. but found "

I also tried " " and * and “*” all with no luck.

Why not just set a password? I mean, you’re scripting this anyway, and having a password is a good thing.

I wish it was that easy, I dont have control over that or I would.

There are 3 commented out options that all work for me.

property User_Name : "MARKLARSEN"
property User_Password : ""
property Server_Address : ""
property Workgroup : ""
property Volume_1 : "Macraid"

	-- mount volume "smb://" & Server_Address & "/" & Volume_1
	-- mount volume "smb://" & Workgroup & "/" & Server_Address & "/" & Volume_1
	-- mount volume "smb://" & User_Name & ":" & User_Password & "@" & Server_Address & "/" & Volume_1
on error Error_Message
	display dialog Error_Message giving up after 2
end try