Server running?

I know there’s a way to see if your server is on witht php but not applescript… for example. port 80 = running

Hi slacker,

The Network Utility that comes with Mac OS X contains a command line tool named stroke in its application bundle, which can do port scans:

set startport to "8080"
set endport to "8080"
set scanhost to ""
set toolpath to quoted form of "/Applications/Utilities/Network"
set command to toolpath & space & scanhost & space & startport & space & endport
set output to do shell script command
return output

In case you don’t need the port feature, you can also easily use ping:

	do shell script "ping -c 1"
	return true
on error 
	return false
end try

Maybe this is of some help for you.

Hey Martin.

Thanks :slight_smile: