Server Volumes have hidden numeric suffixes???

This is an old problem that has reared up again. At some point, some unknown cause, results in a situation where a server volume gets a hidden numeric suffix that causes lots of problems for AppleScript. So, the user sees the volume as “Server” but getting a list of disks results in something like {“Macintosh HD”, “Server-1”}.

If you tell the finder to check of disk “Server” exists, it will return false. If you then try to mount disk “Server” you will get an error.

In the past ” possibly in System 9 but maybe in earlier versions of Mac OS X ” I could go to a hidden folder that I think was located at “Macintosh HD:Volumes:” and clear out a bunch of aliases that were duplicated for each disk and that would clear up the problem.

However, now in 10.8, I have no idea how to clear this type of problem.

Has anyone ever experienced this and is there a solution to it.


some things never change. The hidden folder Volumes is still present.

In Finder type ⇧⌘G and then /Volumes

I have this happen to users at my office. They get a duplicated mounted volume. Sometimes it’s because of a Finder crash or other server issues. But I have put in a check to look for “-1” servers and warn them to unmount/restart or fix the bad server.
going to the /Volumes folder will show you. Unmount all servers. See if -1 volume exists still. Sometimes it’s a folder not a server alias. Select item and send to trash. I suggest a restart then, or at least log out. It can be OK to remount servers and continue working after fixing it up. But that depends on your comfort level of manipulating things on the fly. I tell my users to restart, it’s just safer and i don’t have to be as involved with it.