service workflows

in order to clean up with dozens of service workflows, i tried to build some script whose hold the items I really need:
my problem now is, how to submit the initial input, running a certain workflow.

on run {input, parameters}
	set fpt to ((path to scripts folder from user domain as text) & "Services:Finder:")
	set lf to list folder fpt without invisibles
	activate me
	set ch to choose from list lf 
	set ch to ch as text
	set run_f to alias (fpt & ":" & ch as text)
 	tell application "Automator" to run file run_f  -- workflow
	return run_f
end run

Any automator action that returns anything passes that value to the input variable of the script (from what i can tell) so simply using an 'Ask For…" action you can get all sorts of inputs. By simply outputting the input you can get the format of the input from the results tab and adapt your script to that. the input variable is just like any other. I’m not sure what the parameters variable would be used for though.