Serving AppleScript with 4D

I’m trying to deliver to user of my database AppleScripts on an as-needed basis. However when the stored AppleScript (as a blob) is saved back to disk it is crippled. When launched it will flash in the dock but not do anything, like it lost some blessing. When blobbing it, I have the option to get the data fork or the resource fork, appearently I need both. Any suggestions? Is it wrong to save the scripts as Applications instead of script or bundles?

Thanks for any help in this matter.

When you say:

What do you mean with “blob”?


“binary large object” – 4D has a Document to Blob and Blob to Document that can be used to bring documents as-is into memory for minipulation or saving to a record. On Mac files, you need to specify either the data fork or the resource fork.