Set a table cell to be a button/clickable

So sorry I have not researched this at all yet, I know I should…

Is it possible to make a cell in a table view be a button, to be clickable that an action can happen?
I need to open a Finder window based on a number in a cell, on the cell itself. It doesn’t have to be super-dynamic, it’s a stable (hard coded) path.
I’ve been using a clear button over top of a table to perform action until now, but that is a very clunky way to do it.
It can be Applescript or Cocoa code.

(If I find I myself I’ll answer back.)
TIA, Chris

It looks like in Interface Builder, if you click on the table view and then get a cell selected, in the Inspector/Applescript palette, you can click on a “clicked” event, so you should be able to do what you want.

If that clickable cell is going to move around, you might need to make all cells clickable and then figure out in you code if the result should be to ignore it or process it.