Set application to front most?

Hi all,
I am using a menubar in my app (is a thread here, cant remember link) and to get it to call an applescript function it has to be in a on will hide theObject. That is all good but when the app gets hidden and the function in my AS file is called, it’s still hidden.

Is there a way to “un-hide” my app? Something like this:

tell application "Finder"
set frontmost  application to "MyApplication"
end tell

thanks in advance

anyone? :frowning:


activate me

Thanks anyway, but it doesnt work so i just make a window class that always floats above other windows… seemed to work :smiley:


Can you try:
tell application “System Events” to set frontmost of process “My Application” to true

Just a thought.

archseed :slight_smile:

GREAT! Thanks for that! :D:lol::):|:/