Set Class epOP to false and others

I have the newest version of InDesign, 2023…
I am trying to port over my older script from 2019.
I have two lines that don’t work in the newest version

	set «class epOP» to false
	set application bar shown to false

These are in setting the general preferences for ID2023

I get an error -10006 can’t set that class of the general preference to false

On the set application bar shown to false, I get an error that states it’s a read only property.

Anyone have some thoughts about these two items?


I think I encountered this when I switched from iTunes to Music. I had to retype the actual term.

I don’t know what this commands are for but:

  • the first is not present in InDesign 2023 Applescript dictionary.
  • can the second be replaced by use application frame in your case?

Maybe it would have helped if I provided all the code…
You can see om the general preference code where I have commented out those two items.
Ok… I figured out the application frame… it should read

set use application frame to false

as for the class epOp, I believe that was given to me, so I don’t know what it was addressing back then. I mean, it WAS almost 4 years ago…

tell application “Adobe InDesign 2023”

do script "app.applyWorkspace('David');" language javascript

set PDF crop of PDF place preferences to crop media

tell document preferences
	set facing pages to false
end tell
tell general preferences
	set show start workspace to false
	set use application frame to false
	set show legacy new document dialog to true
	set ui brightness preference to 1.0
	--set «class epOP» to false
	--set application bar shown to false
	set tool tips to none
end tell
tell view preferences
	set horizontal measurement units to inches
	set vertical measurement units to inches
end tell
tell gpu performance preferences
	set enable animated zoom to false
end tell
tell preflight options
	set preflight off to true
end tell
tell image preferences
	set preserve bounds to false
end tell
tell pasteboard preferences
	set preview background color to white
	set match preview background to theme color to false
	set pasteboard margins to {3, 2}
end tell

end tell

Posting the script is useless here: the first command is not available in ID 2023 and the second is ‘read only’. That means you can’t use the first and only read the state of the second.

The only change I would make in your script is the workspace setting, to avoid the unnecessary call to javascript:

apply workspace name "David"