Set Double-Click Speed


Is there any solution to set the double-click speed of the mouse with AppleScript? Yes, i know, the GUI scripting can do it, but i want to do it wihout the GUI.

The problem is with the Photoshop. If the double-click speed is fast, the tools palette is “sticky”. One single click to eg. Type tool, and the Type tool’s menu is opening. If i set the speed to slower, Tools palette working well, but i do lots of mistakes in other applications (open a file instead rename it in Finder).

The QuicKeys can trigger the script, but it’s missing. :slight_smile:

Thank You!

I am having a look at the terminal command:

defaults write -g 1

But when I change the value, I see no difference in the Keyboard and Mouse Preferece pane in System Preferences.
I believe making a change to the preferences like this would require a restart - making a script pretty pointless, I guess.

I guess that these two instructions will do the trick.

do shell script "defaults write -g -int 1"
do shell script "killall SystemUIServer"

I can’t check because I’m not using an Apple mouse so my settings are in an other file.

Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) mardi 15 mai 2012 20:37:19

Maybe learn to use a medium speed on your mouse? I’ve been a computer user for 20 years and I’ve never had any trouble with what you describe. It might be better to even out your own click speed than continually adjust the mouse click speed whenever you change apps.

Dear intoto and Yvan Koenig!

I’m using Snow Leopard. I have to use this command (eg.):

defaults write .GlobalPreferences -float 0.33

It’s working, if i Log-out and Log-in, otherwise the system not recognising the changes. Killing the SystemUIServer didn’t help. The Mouse Pref.Pane somheow inform the system to change the Double Click Speed, but i can’t find out how.

Dear SuperMacGuy!

I started with my Mac line with LC475, and since that, i always used nearly the fastest Double Click Speed, because whit this setting, i can do things faster.

All i want is to create a little AppleScript app to do: set the speed to slower, “tickle” the system to recognise the setting, start PS set back the speed and tickle again the system. :slight_smile:

If i set back the speed via System Preferences while the PS is running, te bug (yes, it is, i think) don’t come up in PS…

I can set the speed via System Prefs to 0.2 and 0.5. I set the speed to 0.33 via Terminal. It’s good, but not perfect. So, i’m waiting and continue searching how to tell the system: I set the Double Click Speed.

But, thanks to everybody to try help! :slight_smile: