set Folder URL property of entourage mail


I have tried to set URL property of folder but i got error " ". can
anybody tell me what is the problem with this script? I referred
dictionary. which shows this is a r/o property.

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
                set theFolder to the selection
        end try

      if (theFolder is not equal to "") then
                set FolderName to name of theFolder
                if (FolderName = "Inbox") then
                        return URL of "Inbox"
                        --set the URL of folder FolderName to "[url=][/url]"
        end if
end tell

what is the use of this URL property. Any pointer on this would be
great help.


The AppleScript dictionary of MS Entourage says:

URL (text, r/o) : URL of the folder on a server

As you already discovered, this property is read-only, so you cannot set it. It cannot be modified, that is why you get the error. And the property itself contains the location of the folder as a URL, when it is stored on a server (IMAP account, etc.).

thanx Martin,

could you tell me can i set the content to be displayed on folder selection in entourage browser window.

just like as outlook web access folder facility.

I don’t think that you can do it.