Set foldericon to first image inside folder

Hey guys, i try to make my Movies Folder organized, and i want to know if something like that is possible:

When i drop a folder over my applescript, the script search entire folder content (one level only), or web whatever, and take this PNG/JPG as icon of this folder…

in future make this search for subtitle gonna be perfect :smiley:

This thread :

may be a valuable starting point.

Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) jeudi 28 avril 2011 23:00:33

So what do you have so far? Do you know how to create an application that does something when you drop a file/folder onto it? Can you search a folder for a file? Can you change the icon of a file? Searching the forums will give you each of these answers. Usually you won’t find code for an entire script that you need but you can usually find answers for each part… then you just assemble the parts.

To get you started you can use a free tool of mine to set the folder icon. You can find that tool here. There’s even an example applescript at the bottom of the page to show you how to use it with applescript.