set scan rate in dvd player?

hi there

i had a look at the dvd player dict. i found commands to scan forwards and backwards. i didn’t find, however, anything to change the scan speed (like in the player menu 4x, 8x, 16x).

any idea how to set the scan rate via applescript?

thanks, leo


I’m looking for the same answer myself. Maybe telling it to scan ahead x number of frames for scanning? (ie something like:

tell application "DVD Player"
repeat with i from 1 to gnDefinedStepsForThisSpeed

step DVD

end repeat
end tell


It should work for slower speeds, but instead of skipping ahead x frames, tell it to delay between frames.

Anyone have any other ideas or suggestions?


Selecting scan rate for faster speeds is fairly straightforward.
Just use System Events to select the desired speed through the menu system.

display dialog RateDialog buttons {“2x”, “4x”, “8x”} default button “2x”
set SlowButton to button returned of result
set MySpeed to " " & SlowButton & " Speed"
– If you want faster speeds (16x or 32x) then omit the leading spaces in the above row
ClickMenu(“DVD Player”, “Controls”, “Scan Rate”, MySpeed)
tell application “DVD Player”
fast forward dvd
– Or obviously, ‘rewind DVD’ if you want to go backwards
end tell

–This subroutine allows you to click either menu items or submenu items (just send “0” as the 4th variable if you want to click a menu)
on ClickMenu(app_name, menu_name, menu_item, submenu_item)
– bring the target application to the front
tell application app_name
end tell
tell application “System Events”
tell process app_name
tell menu bar 1
tell menu bar item menu_name
tell menu menu_name
if submenu_item = “0” then
click menu item menu_item
tell menu item menu_item
tell menu menu_item
click menu item submenu_item
end tell
end tell
end if
end tell
end tell
end tell
end tell
end tell
return true
end try
end ClickMenu

However, I still haven’t worked out how to activate “Slow Motion” from within applescript.
Any ideas gratefully received.


Genius!! My mistake for not checking this forum earlier.
Your script works a treat.
Where can I find all the relevant ID’s for menu’s / pop-up buttons, etc.?
Is there a document somewhere that lists the menus and buttons for all applications?

Thanks again,