Set title of text field - EASY QUESTION!

Okay, I have a extremely easy question that I’m ashamed to ask, but I just cannot remember or figure out the terminology. I was wondering how to set the title of a text field to a value. The following command:

	set currentPanel to window "loading"
	display panel currentPanel attached to window "main"
	set title of text field "loadingText" of currentPanel to "Loading Preferences..."
	tell progress indicator "loadingProgress" of currentPanel
		increment by 10
	end tell 

This errors out because I don’t believe you can set a text field that way. I do not want to set the contents of the text field because it is a non-entry type of text field (the one with no box). Please let me know the problem here.

try “set the contents of …”

That doesn’t work, that was what I tried initially. That works for a standard text field with the entry box, but not for one of these text fields.