Set title of window and load website in Web View

Hi, how do I set the title of a window and then load a website into the webview that’s inside it?

I’ve worked out how to load a website in a webview…

property webview : missing value
	on showWebsite(sender)
		webview's setMainFrameURL_("")
	end showWebsite_

But I still don’t know how to set the title of a window through code.

What about -[NSWindow setTitle:]:

Thanks for that! It works! =)

Any ideas on how to get the title of the current webpage in the webview and set the window title to that?

After setting the frame load delegate using -[WebView setFrameLoadDelegate:] you can receive the title with the delegate’s method: webView:didReceiveTitle:forFrame:.


Sorry, I haven’t replied in a while!

I tried out just testing setTitle with a string… is this right?

my mainWindow's setTitle_("TITLE CHANGED!")

But that doesn’t work… :frowning:

EDIT: It works!! =D Thanks a lot!