setting a button to open a link in pure applescript

is there a way to set a button in a dialog to open a link? i’ve got this so far:

display dialog "Please Register!" buttons {"Register!", "Later..."}
set theButton to result
if theButton is equal to "Later..." then
	display dialog "Register Soon!"
else if theButton is equal to "Register!" then
	open location ""
end if



set user_interface to display dialog "Prepare to go online" buttons {"Launch Internet", "Not Yet"} default button "Launch Internet"
set button_clicked to button returned of user_interface
if button_clicked is "Launch Internet" then open location "" --as example

user_interface gets the button returned
setting ‘button_clicked’ to ‘button returned of user_interface’ coerces the button’s name to a string variable
“if” statement attaches that button to the command “open location”