Setting a checkbox in QT Broadcaster

I want to have an applescript open QT Broadcaster and click the “Record to disk” button. I can easily open QTB, but I can’t seem to make the call to press the checkbox. I downloaded UI Element Inspector and apparently the checkbox has no name, just “”. Is there any way to access this element and activate the checkbox? I also downloaded PreFab UI Browser and it lists the element as “checkbox 1” but I’m not permitted in applescript to use a number after the word “checkbox”. So is this possible, or is QTB just not made to be scriptable? Thanks. This bulletin board is great.

set checkbox 1 to 1 (error: “a number can’t go after this identifier”)
set checkbox to 1 (no error but did nothing)
set “checkbox 1” to 1 (error: “access not allowed”)