Setting contents of a text field with caridge returns

I wouldn’t have thought this would be a problem but what I’ve got is a text field big enough to hold several lines of text with the “Scrollable” check box check in the inspector window. And what I’m trying to do is set the contents of the text field to several lines of text. What I’ve tried is…

set theString to firstString & return
set theString to theString & secondString & return
set theString to theString & thirdString & return
set contents of text field “myTextfield” of window “myWindow” to theString

When I run this all that shows up in the window is a period. “.”

I put log lines in to log all the variables as I use them and there values are correct. I don’t get what’s going on here. Anybody got a clue?

HAA! I’m an Idiot!. I was doing something really stupid. Too dumb to mention. The code I mentioned above was actually just fine so in the immortal words of Emmily Lattella “Never mind.” :rolleyes:

Uh, are you serious? What was the point of the thread if not mentioning what you were doing wrong? Other people may have the same problem in the future and come here looking for a solution.

Between this and your response to my suggestion to use Cocoa Bindings, I’d say maybe you should lurk more.