Setting Display Brightness

It’s been years since I touched anything resembling code, and I was never that good in the first place. All I want to do is make a script that sets the display brightness to the highest level when run. Back in the day I could do this no problem, but this is all Greek to me now.

i would also like to know this. Supposedly this works with os 10.4 … On an imac (maybe)

tell application "System Events"
key code 107 ... or 113 for brighter
end tell

In 10.3… again supposedly:

tell application "System Preferences"
end tell

tell application "System Events"
  tell process "System Preferences"
    click menu item "Displays" of menu "View" of menu bar 1
    delay 5
    click radio button "Display" of tab group 1 of window "Color LCD"
    delay 1
    set value of slider 1 of group 2 of tab group 1 of window "Color LCD" to 1
  end tell
end tell

ignoring application responses
  tell application "System Preferences" to quit
end ignoring

the above only works if you turn on “Enable support for assistive devices” under the “Universal Access” system pref.
however I’m stuck with 10.2.8 so none of the above even compiles for me, much less works.
i’ve tried

tell application "System Events"
keystroke F15 key... this one turned blue but did nothing
keystroke "F15"... returned NSscript error from system events, but gave an unknown key error from finder.
end tell

the dictionary for applescript/10.2.8 has a “key kind” list with f14 key and f15, but any attempt to insert “kind” into it anywhere resulted in failure to compile.
anyone else w/ any ideas would be greatly appreciated