Setting Netscape FunctionsKeys to type a text...

Is it possible to set, for instance, the “F2” key of Netscape to “type” a text in a selected field (which colud be a Pword, not handled by the NS’s “PWordManager”, or just a bottom “sign”)?
The NS Dictionary only tells about “getting URL” and a few stuff like these.

And, if it’s possible, how’s supposed to work?
I guess I’d had to invoke “System Events”, since there’s nothing like it in NS Dictionary; but how am I supposed to make the script run UNDER Netscape?
I guess something like
– if application “Netscape” is open, tell application “System Events” to tell application “Netscape” to set “F2” key to keystroke “the text I want to enter”…

But, apart from the fact that I’m a total newbie, even reaching the goal to have such a script running, I don’t have the first idea on how making it run from INSIDE Netscape.
Is here a folder where I can put an applescript inside Netscape Plugs, or something?

Tnx in advance :wink:

No, it is not possible.

Try Keyboard Maestro or one of its competitors. (I do not recommend iKey.)

Here’s a system events workaround you can use instead of a key press. It assumes that there is a focused text field in netscape and simply paste’s whatever is in the clipboard into the text field. Save this as an application and dump it in the dock or some other app launcher. The only way to make this respond to key press would be some creative use of an app launcher that supports universal key presses or perhaps in an xcode app.

set the clipboard to "jobu was here"
tell application "Netscape" to activate
tell application "System Events"
	tell application process "Netscape"
		keystroke "v" using command down
	end tell
end tell


Yes, just to clarify, when I said it wasn’t possible, I was talking about responding to key presses universally like that.

Thank you, guys.
It’s always a pleasure hearing such good news from you :wink:

I don’t like keystrokeMaster, such I don’t like any app that tries - and succeeds - to override the system (GUI, or application it should be) as well.

Btw… I’m really grateful for your answers.
And, yes, Donkey… I got what you meant by “impossible”, never mind :wink:

TNX again.

Hmm… not sure how you intend to change the function of a keystroke without overriding part of the system. But I hope it works out for you.