Setting Side Bar Width

Hello all,

You can set the sidebar width of window 1 using the following script.

tell application "Finder" to set sidebar width of window 1 to 0

However, I need to set the sidebar width of a folder that is not currently open in the Finder. Is this possible?

This doesn’t work but shows what I am trying to do:

tell application "Finder"
	set folderPath to ((path to home folder) as string) & "Desktop:MYFOLDER:"
	set thisContainer to container of (folderPath as alias)
	set sidebar width of thisContainer to 0
end tell



no, it isn’t possible.
sidebar width is a property of a Finder window, not of a folder

I’m not sure what you’re doing this for, but I hate apps or scripts that change the dimensions of any window (particularly browser windows).

Stefan/Adam - Thanks for the info :slight_smile: CarbonQuark