Setting Slider Value in ApplescriptObjC & Xcode 6

Firstly - Im very happy to find this site, already learned a lot just by searching, but I’m stumped by this one.

My problem is I can happily get a slider value.
But I want to set a slider value.

There are a few Applescript Studio threads here discussing it with what look like good resolutions, but they don’t seem to work in Xcode 6.

I have tried:

set content of slider "ScrollerOne" to 0.5


set slider ScrollerOne to 0.5


set slider ScrollerOne's' integerValue to 0.5

but no luck - any idea where I am going wrong?


assuming the slider is connected in Interface Builder to a property named slider

slider's setIntegerValue:12

Thats it, so simple … thanks so much!
Happy New Year.