Setting Text Color of Text View

I’ve searched the archives but didn’t see anything that could help out with this.

I have this subroutine which I want to use whenever a user makes an error in using the app:

on setwarningcolor()
	tell window "mainWin"
		tell box "bxMsg"
			set text color of text field "txtMsg" to {65535, 0, 0}
		end tell
      end tell
end setwarningcolor

This does nothing. I don’t get an error but the text color doesn’t change either. Am I doing something wrong?


the syntax ist correct. Are all UI elements named properly?

This works for me.

I assume you are calling the subroutine with a My setwarningcolor() some where else in the script.

So I suspect you have not named the box and text field properly.

Do it in the inspector:
In the tab for identity ( the blue (!) symbol. You will see a Interface Builder identity area. And a Name field. put the name of each object there.

edit…(* note to self, type faster… *)

OK, it did work, briefly, when I clicked on the text box accidentally…:lol:

Maybe I need to put an update in my script?

Eh, now it’s working. I didn’t change anything. Thanks for the help though.